Mock DynamoDB in Typescript

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In 2021 one of our team priorities is to move toward Serverless architecture. It is tricky to build the unit tests on top of the AWS services. It dragged me a couple of hours to figure out the most comfortable way to mock the DynamoDB functionality.

aws-sdk-mock has a pretty detailed readme and examples for a quick start. The approach is intuitive and clean. When I messed around it in Typescript and Jest, there were a few hiccups that paused me a while without a useful error message. Then I realized that the order of invocation caused unexpected behavior.

Based on the example in the readme, I would emphasize the order of steps to get successful behavior.

Step 1: Mock the AWS instance


Step 2: Mock the DynamoDB function, e.g. put

(params: UpdateItemInput, callback: Function) => {
callback(null, { pk: ‘foo’, sk: ‘bar’ });

The first two parameters are apparent. ‘DynamoDB.DocumentClient’ is the module, and ‘put’ is the function to mock. The third parameter is a callback function to simulate an asynchronous response with your desired data.

Step 3: Create a DynamoDB instance with the mocked AWS instance.

const mockDynamoDB = new AWS.DynamoDB.DocumentClient({
apiVersion: ‘2012–08–10’,

We’ll use the proxied AWS to create a new instance for our further action. It must follow step 2. Otherwise, the instance will call on the real DocumentClient and end up with a confusing error message.

Step 4: To test the mocked put function.

const input = { TableName: ‘’, Item: {} };expect(await mockDynamoDB.put(input).promise()).toEqual({
pk: ‘foo’,
sk: ‘bar’,

Now the mockDynamoDB.put function is successfully mocked with your desired outcome.

Step 5: Restore the mock


To prevent unexpected effect to the rest of your tests, it is always brilliant to reset the mocked work.



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